Zaria is female first name.
Possibly based on ZAHRAH or the Nigerian city of Zaria.
First name Zaria mostly used in the following languages: English (Modern).

Similar/related names

Similar and/or related names to the first name Zaria: Zachariah, Zachary, Zachery, Zackary, Zackery, Zara, Zechariah

List of surnames

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Views statistics

First name Zaria has been viewed 7131 time at these sites. According to popularity, this name holds position number 2275. with 0.017% inquiries.

Derived words

By using symbols from firs names Zaria following words can be formed:
air, aria, ria.
Formed altogether 3 word(s). The longest (or one of the longest) word is aria and it consists of 4 characters.

Numerology of names

Zaria consists of the following letters and corresponding numeric values:
z (7), a (1), r (2), i (1), a (1)
7 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 12
1 + 2 = 3

Numeric number is: 3.

The 3s are sociable, friendly and optimistic. They enjoy life to the full and have a good sense of humor. Their ruler is planet Jupiter.

Positive characteristics: 3s are positive, joyful, adventurous and expressive communicators and artists. Negative traits are superficiality, prodigality and distraction.

In love the 3s are amusing, energetic people who tend to experiment. In order to be happy and satisfied in love, they need to have enough freedom for socializing with other people along with the time spent with their partners. If the partners distract them, they soon become unhappy, petty and restless. Sense of freedom offers them fun and optimistic view of the world.

Number 3 is best for numbers 6, 8 and 9.

Name statistics

First name Zaria it cosists of 5 letters ans 5 symbols. Of all letters 3 are vowels, whereas 2 consonants, which means that consists of 60% vowels and 40% consonants.
In this name 2 signs are on the keyboard under the fingers in the middle of the keyboard, and this first name by using the keyboard can be printed with 6 points (lower amount is better/faster).

Tarot cards

Numbers and tarot cards meaning for each letter Zaria. Read the detailed description, explanation and meaning of each letter:
ZARIA - conversion into letters without special symbols:

Letter Z
Ordinal number of the card:26
Tarot card:The Page of Wands: young, bright, energetic, curious
Strenght:1 (Number of repetition)
Letter A
Ordinal number of the card:1
Tarot card:The Magician: creative, venturesome, inventive, intuitive
Strenght:2 (Number of repetition)
Letter R
Ordinal number of the card:18
Tarot card:The Moon: patient, determined, strong
Strenght:1 (Number of repetition)
Letter I
Ordinal number of the card:9
Tarot card:The Hermit: independent, adventurous, intelligent, humble, wise
Strenght:1 (Number of repetition)